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Kenshi Sakashima
Race Human
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime ~3750 AR

Kenshi Sakashima was a human rogue from Kamigawa.[1]


Orphaned as a child, his life seemed to have little chance of importance within Kamigawa. Desiring more, he learned the intricacies of disguising himself as others before moving on to learn illusionary arts from master illusionist Chinsen. Using the techniques he learned, Sakashima would go on to infiltrate ogre strongholds, kitsune forest, and even the flying cities of the soratami. Still, it was all too easy to him, and a desire to infiltrate the impossible, the Realm of the Kami grew within him. [2]

Sakashima was able to disguise himself as almost any sapient creature by projecting a desired mental image of himself into the minds of other creatures. He could also make his mind a blank scroll, falling entirely into the disguise he wished. During his life, he disguised himself as ogre, kitsune, budoka, samurai, akki, and countless others, even soratami. He was a cunning and a bit cocky fellow, really enjoying his unique ability. He hoped to someday deceive even the kami, a dream which he eventually achieved.[3]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Face Behind The Mask Rei Nakazawa 2005-11-05 Saviors of Kamigawa Kamigawa Sakashima

In-game references[]

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