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Race Orochi, Planeswalker
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime Mending Era
currently: {G}

Kento the Spiritcrafter was one of the Planeswalker hunters sent by Vronos to capture Garruk, and the first to be killed by him.[1]

Description[ | ]

Kento was a orochi originating from the plane of Kamigawa. He was a gifted green animist capable of summoning the kami spirits of his plane. Following Garruk's escape from Odric, Kento was summoned by Vronos on Innistrad, along with other planeswalkers, to capture and bring Garruk to Avacyn to be cured. The group located Garruk in Alara, and after facing a solo duel against Garruk, Kento died of a devastating blow to the chest.

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