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The kentsu was the imperial army of the Empire of Madara on Dominaria. Its full name was the Hido Tsurai Kentsu, which translates to "The Emperor's terrible, dolorous fist".

The kentsu was vast and extremely powerful. It was once seen scaring a Keldon warhost off, something that was previously thought to be impossible. It has only once been defeated in the first 400 years of the empire. This defeat happened in the last year of Emperor Nicol Bolas’ reign. The kentsu were sent out to oppress an uprising on the Edemi Islands. The initial attack went well and within weeks it had a stable occupying force on Kusho and another large group of warriors pillaging on Argenti. Unfortunately for the kentsu, Ayesha Tanaka merged with the forests of Argenti via the Sylvan Library, and defeated them. On Argenti, Tanaka animated the leather in the soldiers' uniforms, strangling them in their own armor. She also vastly enhanced the deadly coral reefs of Kusho to defeat the occupational force there.

The kentsu's headquarters was located in the Gitte-Yatay Mountains, close to the Imperial Shrine.

Known soldiers and officers of the kentsu[]


  • Shasido Mayasi was once a general of the kentsu, but wanted to become the imperial champion. After fighting Tetsuo Umezawa over the title and being defeated, he chose to live out his life as a hermit on Kusho under the name of Kasimir the Lone Wolf.
  • Marhault Elsdragon replaced him and served the Emperor loyally for almost 20 years. After he was killed by Jorgan Hage, however, the Emperor didn't even punish the people responsible.
  • Jorgan Hage was an Ærathi berserker and the second in command of the kentsu under General Elsdragon, but was enslaved by Ramses Overdark’s black magic. Overdark wanted Elsdragon replaced by someone he could control more easily, and thus had Hage murder Elsdragon. After he became imperial regent, Overdark promoted Hage to general.

Other known kentsu officers and soldiers[]

  • Kolo Meha left his home in Bogardan with a Keldon warhost to journey the globe and advance in the ranks of Bogardan mages. After a run in with the kentsu the Keldons sold him to General Elsdragon. He decided to stay with the Madaran army as their demolition expert and fulfill his pilgrimage that way. He couldn't get along with Hage, however. The Ærathi tried to kill him after he was promoted to general. Meha then quit the kentsu and completed his journey in Tetsuo's service.
  • Marshal Barktooth Warbeard was an old but sturdy officer who led the occupational force on Kusho. When Ramses Overdark needed an infiltrator in the kentsu, Warbeard was killed and replaced by the shapeshifter Halfdane.
  • Commander Gunamo was another Ærathi. He led the troops Ayesha Tanaka required to take the Sylvan Lybrary from Lord Magnus. After Ayesha was overwhelmed by the forest's power Gunamo was torn in two by killer vines.
  • Sergeant Chada was the only survivor of Commander Gunamo's forces. When Ayesha gave the kentsu on Argenti the decision to run or to fight, Chada chose to run, and was thus one of the few to survive.
  • Commander Orai Daiyeta was ordered to raze Sekana to the ground to lure Tetsuo out of hiding. His battalion was destroyed by Wasitora's kittens. Daiyeta himself survived, but was then killed by Xira Arien for bleeding on her dress.
  • Commander Boken and Commander Bokai were briefly mentioned.