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First seen The Purifying Fire
Last seen Planechase Anthology
Status Unknown

Kephalai is a plane, characterized by bustling cities with gothic architecture, surrounded by large bodies of water.


Kephalai has a totalitarian and bureaucratic government.[1] The capital is Aretopolis, which was once visited by Chandra Nalaar.[2]

Kephalai is known for its bazaar where items from other planes can be found, such as the Dragon Scroll and the Book of Kith and Kin from Lorwyn.[3]

Notable locations[]

  • Aretopolis.
  • Tornadic Steppes [4]
  • Lyceum Forest [4]
  • the Wetland Trail [4]
  • Foltessa [4]
  • the Scorched Isles [4]
  • the Vizier's Tower [4]

Planeswalker visitors[]


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