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God of Storms
Race God
Birthplace Theros

Keranos is the God of storms and visions on Theros. He is associated with blue and red mana.


Keranos embodies the fury of the storm and the sudden blaze of epiphany. A god of little patience and less mercy, he dispenses insights and blasts of lightning in equal measure. Keranos is intolerant of mortals, whom he sees as reckless. Yet he also respects those who take action with a clear purpose, especially if they seek his approval first. Such individuals earn a two-edged blessing: momentary glimpses of the future, but the inability to change what is to come. Among mortals, Queen Cymede of Akros is Keranos's greatest servant and has done much to spread the god's worship in the city.

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The character of Keranos collects aspects of the Greek gods Zeus (lightning and storms) and Apollo (oracles).

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