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Race Kor
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Kesenya is a Kor from Zendikar. She is a veteran explorer and the head of the Sea Gate Expeditionary House.[1]


Kesenya is a tall, proud Kor. She usually wears silver armor and rich purple clothes. Her white hair is plaited into a complex pattern, and around her neck, she wears a brilliant red necklace known as the Dragon's Frill. In the Sea Gate House, she is usually is surrounded by patrons and admirers all vying for her attention.[2]


Kesenya led the first expedition into the Tazeem Skyclave — known as the Sky Ruin of Emeria — after the archangel Iona abandoned her guard post to fight the Eldrazi. Deep within the treacherous ruin, she found a collar-like necklace inlaid with opalescent red gems. Kesenya learned that the necklace offered an awe-inspiring degree of fire protection to its wearer — as well as some limited control over flames themselves. She dubbed it the "Dragon's Frill". Word of her triumph spread far and fast, drawing the attention of the benefactor who would soon fund the founding of the Sea Gate Expeditionary House. Unknown to virtually anyone, that benefactor was Nahiri.

Though it lacked the historical renown of the older houses, the Sea Gate House quickly established itself as a dominant force in the adventuring business. The Dragon's Frill alone brought both wealth and renown in staggering quantities and adventurers flocked from far and wide seeking placements on Sea Gate-led expeditions. With such demand, Kesenya could afford to be picky in who she takes on. Thus, despite its short existence, Sea Gate employed many of the most skilled and daring adventurers on all of Zendikar.

When Nahiri sought help for her quest to find the lithoform core in the Murasa Skyclave, Kesenya provided her best party: Akiri, Zareth San, Kaza and Orah.[2]

After a conversation with Zareth San, Kesenya had some doubts about Nahiri's quest, and provided Jace Beleren with the party's destination.[2]


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