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Sylvok Lifestaff.jpg
Race Sylvok
Birthplace Temple Might, the Tangle, Mirrodin
Lifetime ~4580-~4605
Scars of Mirrodin

Kessla was a Sylvok shaman from Mirrodin. She originated from Temple Might in the Tangle. Due to the turmoil she experienced, she had a prejudice against elves but later changed her beliefs after she was rescued by one of them.[1]


When a man named Camik began to speak about strange phenomena perceived to be associated with the green sun Lyese, Kessla was present among the crowd. As his rantings began to sound more and more bizarre, she began to wonder about the future of her people. The man was soon arrested under the orders of Benzir and imprisoned inside the Temple Might. After Camik's mysterious death, she wandered into the woods, where she encountered a strange beast. She would have died if she wasn't saved by an elf.

Kessla returned home to where her Kio-Father lived. He consoled her about her doubts and allowed her to rest. Later that night, Benzir's men attacked her home. She and Kio-Father were arrested and taken to what appeared to be a pack of compleated Phyrexians, with their exposed flesh and porcelain plating. Kessla was dragged into the woods but was again rescued by a dark-haired elf.

Upon arriving in the elf's abode, Kessla noticed the presence of Auriok Survivors and Vulshok Refugees among its denizens. She asked the elf what were they doing there and he revealed that "something" was invading the people of Mirrodin. He then asked her if she was to be useful and she answered that she had knowledge of artifacts.

After Kessla sought refuge with the elves, she joined them in an attack against Benzir and the Phyrexians who were now using the former Tree of Tales as their base of operations. Kessla was ordered to detonate an artifact at the tree in order to destroy it. She was almost successful in completing this mission but was prevented from doing so by Glissa Sunseeker herself. Kessla, unable to escape, detonated the artifact on herself.

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