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Ketria is one of the triomes on the plane of Ikoria. It is primarily blue-aligned, with red and green as secondary colors.[1]


Ketria is a river-fed temperate forest full of crystal formations. Waterfalls plunge from rocky tree-lined cliffs into inland lakes and river systems. Nowhere on the plane are crystals more seamlessly integrated with the landscape than Ketria. Naturalists and sages often travel here to draw inspiration from its wondrous displays of raw nature.

Lake Attayal, fed by the Tal River, is the largest lake on the plane, so vast it can be mistaken for a sea. It is deep enough to support enormous aquatic life. Here Vivien Reid met Rielle, a sage whose wisdom is exceeded only by her age. Enormous herbivores have felled timber groves along a twenty-mile stretch of the Tal River, creating an extensive system of dams. The pools created by the dams support a thriving population of fish that serves as a feeding ground for monsters and resourceful humans alike.

Crystals are present throughout Ikoria, but they are most plentiful in Ketria: here the dark of night never truly falls, since abundant crystals bathe the land in their glow.[2]

Dominant clade[]

In the crystal-infused forests of Ketria, the four elements are alive as any plant or animal. The elemental clade of monsters are manifestations of these natural forces. They take on familiar forms of animals, but with vivid colors, ethereal silhouettes, and cracked or disconnected anatomical features that defy gravity. Since crystals are a natural part of Ketria's landscapes, they're also integrated into these elementals, hovering around them or growing out of their skin.

Usually elementals are naturally aloof, but they can be quite friendly if someone gains their trust. However, their primal nature must never be forgotten.

Ketria apex monster is Illuna.


  • Lake Attayal, the greatest lake on the plane
  • The Tal River, which feeds Lake Attayal
  • The Quartzwood, a crystal forest

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