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Khalsa Brain Games is a company founded by Japji Khalsa that produces several kinds of playmats useful for trading card games, including Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings. KBG also produced the ManaFest game convention (now called KublaCon).

Its first and longest running selection of playmats was the SpellGround brand. The original was large enough (26"x26") to accommodate the cards of two players facing each other.

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Khalsa Brain entered into a license with Wizards of the Coast to create official Magic: The Gathering playmats. The only offering released was the Classic Playmat (product #401), featuring imagery from the earliest editions of Magic -- Serra Angel, Northern Paladin, Craw Worm, Shivan Dragon, Balduvian Horde and others. Each single-player mat measured 14" by 25" and was hand silk-screened onto imitation "Impala" skin polyester fabric, in one color only. Suggested retail price was $14.95. It went on sale in October 1998.

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