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For the similar named Dominarian location, see Kher Ridges.

The Kher Range is a hidden part of the Koskun Mountains, where the Anaba minotaurs live on Ulgrotha.

In the recluded vale, the Anaba minotaurs live a simple and quiet life, though the young minotaurs that have left the settlement in search of adventure elsewhere have started to bring attention and exploration parties to their part of the mountains. It is a matter of time before Eron's search parties find them, and a matter of time before he brings them into his sphere of corrupting influence. Every day brings the Koskun scouts closer to discovering the Anaba ancestral home, and bringing an end to their peaceful, aboriginal culture.

It was here that Feroz first arrived in the Homelands, meeting the latent planeswalker Sandruu. It was also here that the duel between Feroz and Taysir took place: in the aftermath, the carved pictography history of the Anaba minotaurs was destroyed. Shortly thereafter, Feroz and Serra were married in a minotaur ceremony.[1]

After his death, Serra buried Feroz in an unmarked grave near the spot where he had first come to Ulgrotha. She also erected a huge stone wall, and burned the story of the world into the stones in wizard's runes. She believed that, if any planeswalker were to breach Feroz's Ban, it is likely that this place would be the point where they would come through, and thus would read the story of Feroz's life and dreams, then leave the world unharmed.[2]


On Dominaria, on the continent of Terisiare there is a mountain range known as the Kher Ridges. Since most beings on Ulgrotha were left there by planeswalkers after the Great War, it's possible that the Anaba originally came from there and named their new home after their old one.


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