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Plane Dominaria
Part of Golthonor, Corondor
Status Unknown

Khone was a kingdom east of the Great Sulgh Salt Marsh in southeastern Corondor. It and Shikar were known as the Contrary Kingdoms.[1]


Khone once was the name of an enchanted forest and the home of an ancient Force of Nature, until it was twisted into a swamp by Geyadrone Dihada and its spirit was bound to her service as Sol'Kanar the Swamp King. Kanar was an archaic term referring to the Kingdom of Khone. The term was replaced by Khonian. Restless and hungry, this kingdom has remained in isolation for far too long, and the Keeper of House Jet is a fickle lord.[2]



Sol'Kanar destroyed the trade route between the Contrary Kingdoms, and forced the inhabitants to send slaves and goods on the Date of Tribute.

Since Khone's reconstruction, House Jet had but one guiding principle – don't get involved.[2]

Khonian numbers[]

In the Kingdom of Khone, numbers one to twenty (1 – 20) are spoken as follows:

1 Ahn
2 Tal
3 Thu
4 Fah
5 Fif
6 Ska
7 Gyd
8 Jate
9 Nah
10 Tak
11 Eloh
12 Twal
13 Thutri
14 Fahtri
15 Fiftri
16 Skatri
17 Gydolien
18 Jatetri
19 Nahtri
20 Venali


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