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Ki counter
Use Spiritcraft
Placed On Permanents
Introduced Betrayers of Kamigawa
Last Used Betrayers of Kamigawa
Scryfall Search
oracle:"Ki counter"

Ki counters are placed on permanents, whenever you cast a spirit or arcane spell. Ki counters belong to the unofficially named spiritcraft ability word used during the Kamigawa block. According to Chinese and Japanese lore, Ki is the vital force that forms part of any living thing.

There are a common cycle (the Bakus), an uncommon cycle (the flip card legends), and one rare (Baku Altar) that use this counter. The Bakus use them with a payment of {1}, and remove any number for a scaling effect. The uncommon cycle are all 1CC 2/2 creatures that set their flip condition at having two ki counters at the end of the turn, flip into a Legendary Spirit who have an ability that removes one ki counter - this notably prevents them "recharging" ki counters.