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Race Giant
Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown

Kiel was a brother of Brion Stoutarm and Rosheen Meanderer. He was said to have some prophetic talents, which is not surprising given that Rosheen was the most renown giant oracle on Lorwyn. He was quite silent and thoughtful.

Brion and Kiel were once hired by Rhys to help eliminate a boggart raiding party. Rhys was then ordered by Nath to send the giants away, but they refused to leave until the work was done. In the end, they agreed to leave if Rhys brought stories to their sister, who should be present at the Aurora celebration in Kinsbaile. Rhys later met the giant brothers near Kinsbaile. However, the group was ambushed during their talk by the Gilt Leaf pursuit commando, and both were struck by moonglove-poisoned arrows, though both survived. Brion was later slain by Eidren.