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Plane Lorwyn
Part of Clachans

Kinsbaile was the largest kithkin clachan in Lorwyn.[1][2] The town was led by the cenn Gaddock Teeg, and its champion and protector was the Hero of Kinsbaile, archer Brigid Baeli.[3]


Kinsbaile served as a place for annual aurora celebration, where various being from whole Lorwyn gathered to share their tales together. The presence of treefolk sage Colfenor contributed to the fact that Kinsbaile became a focal point for the Gilt Leaf elves, who hunted Colfenor's former pupil and daen of Gilt Leaf hunters, Rhys. The Gilt Leaf under the leadership of taercenn Nath and daen Gryffid occupied Kinsbaile and waited for the traitor, with long-term plans to punish the kithkin for hiding Rhys and build a permanent elvish outpost there.

In the end, Kinsbaile was spared the elvish wrath, when Nath was killed by Rhys and the rest left to pursue him. Several buildings suffered fire damage, when the rekindling of the flamekin Ashling caused Colfenor to burn.

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