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Plane Shadowmoor
Part of Douns

Kinscaer was the largest kithkin doun in Shadowmoor.


While Kinsbaile is a rustic town, Kinscaer is an armed fortress. Gaddock Teeg died under unknown circumstances, and the position of cenn was taken by Donal Alloway. The fortress was also protected by the mighty magic of the kithkin augur Warree Tarcha. When Ashling attacked Kinscaer for the first time, Alloway and Tarcha tried to force her away, with the help of the mindweft. After Ashling killed Alloway, Tarcha used her protective magic to teleport her to the edge of the world. Later, Oona contacted Tarcha and offered her her help in exchange for Kinscaer supporting her cause against the Destroyer. Tarcha agreed. However, when Rhys arrived at Kinscaer, he found out that the whole doun's population was dead, strangled by Oona's vines. The Fae Queen killed all the kithkin to exploit the power of their mindweft and Tarcha's abilities for her own purpose.

With the renewed day/night cycle of the new world, Kinscaer was probably repopulated by kithkin from other douns, becoming once again the kithkin "capital".

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