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Kitt Kanto
Race Cat
Birthplace New Capenna
Lifetime Present
Scryfall Search

Kitt Kanto is a leonin woman and Cabaretti crooner in New Capenna.[1] She is the best singer in town.


Kitt wears a sequined gown with thick, feathered cuffs and collar. Her voice is lyrical, almost song-like.[2] She was once a small-time subway busker in the Caldaia, until she was noticed by Jetmir and offered a job. After surpassing expectations, she became the family's premiere act.[3]

There's magic in music and in Kitt's more than most. She can enrapture an entire room - or send them lunging at each other's throats. Whatever the rhythm, Kitt is always in control.[4]


Most people 'round here got too many secrets to be too fond of a songbird, but them Cabaretti ain't kiddin' when they say Kitt Kanto's the only one worth a listen. Who knew Jetmir would find the real cat's meow down in a subway stairwell, purring peppy jazz ditties for pennies? Now she's takin' top-billing center stage at the Cabaretti's main drag every night. That's the real ritzy, rags-to-riches stuff that puts stars o' hope into every kid's eyes. Everyone who wantsa be someone's carrying a torch for that gal, lit bright as day.

Ain't no spotlight in town that ain't eyein' Kitt, and she dang glows in 'em. Them glittering sequins might be makeup, or heck, maybe even magic. She's real keen on them druid verses those Cabaretti preach and croons 'em like lyrics. Hearin' it makes you feel like real gold, it does. But be sure to leave some roses on the stage when the curtain closes, y'know? Piss her off, and you'll learn this kitten's got claws! That microphone of hers can cast some nasty spells that'll set you howling. Or maybe, she'll use them swing musician street smarts and just straight up beat your face in. Me-yowch![5]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Episode 1: Homecoming Elise Kova 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna Theros, New Capenna Elspeth Tirel, Ajani Goldmane, Heliod, Xander, Anhelo, Jetmir, Jinnie, Regis, Kitt, Giada, Vivien Reid, Tezzeret, Urabrask
Episode 3: Tests Elise Kova 2022-03-30 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna Elspeth Tirel, Xander, Vivien Reid, Rocco, Kitt, Jinnie, Giada
Episode 4: The Font Elise Kova 2022-03-30 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna Xander, Anhelo, Ob Nixilis, Elspeth Tirel, Jinnie, Kitt, Giada, Jetmir, Vivien Reid
Alley Cat Blues Rhiannon Rasmussen 2022-04-05 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna Kitt, Jetmir, Ognis, Henzie

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