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Plane Dominaria (plane)
Part of Kjeldor
Formerly part of Penregon
Later part of Argive (city)

Kjeld was a city in the kingdom of Kjeldor on Terisiare during Dominaria's Ice Age.[1]


Kjeld was the capital of Kjeldor, until Krov took over in that position. It was a great port located on the southeastern shore of the continent, and later the location of the royal summer palace. Kjeld's marble spires were an ode to the mages and kings who gave their lives, so that life might continue ... even in the cold.[2]

500 years after its foundation, Kjeld was ruled by King Darien and home to Zaraya and the Knights of Kjeldor.[2] From there the Kjeldoran army of soldiers, Jötun giants, White Shield order knights and Aesthir Skyknights fought the Cult of Rimewind.[3]

Royal Name[]

Kjeld was also the family name of the royal family of Kjeldor.[2]


  1. In prerevisionist stories it was called Kjeldor. In the revsionist The Eternal Ice the nation is called Kjeldor, but the city is called Kjeld.
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