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{W} 48.1% {U} 3.2% {B} 15.9% {R} 9.7% {G} 2.2% {W/U} 2.2% {U/B} 0.8% {B/R} 1.9% {R/G} 0.5% {G/W} 5.4% {W/B} 4.3% {B/G} 0.5% {R/W} 2.7% {M} 1.6% {artifact symbol} 0.8%
as of Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate
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Knight is a creature class. The first knights, White Knight and Black Knight appeared in Alpha.


Knights are highly trained combatants who are usually part of a formal army or cavalry, usually specializing in fighting on horseback with a sword or lance. Most knights, especially those aligned with white or black, are pledged to a single lord or order,[1] though many black and most red knights are devoted only to themselves. First strike is the most common ability found among Knights. Some Knights have double strike, flanking, and protection, a few knights ride steeds with flying as well.

Some knights, called "paladins", channel mana in a way similar to Clerics. Paladin was originally a separate creature type from Knight, but the two were later combined under the latter. The subtypes Cavalry (Moorish Cavalry) and Crusader (only used for Aysen Crusader) were changed to Knight as well.

Throne of Eldraine features a heavy tribal themes around Knights. In that set, knights appear in all five colors, but they have the most tribal synergy in white, black and red.[2][3] Some of the cards had been transferred from the abandoned small set in the proposed Dominaria block.[4]


Knightly Organizations[]

Alara (Bant)



  • The Order of the Talon. A sect of griffin-rider paladins from the court of Ardenvale.[5]


  • Knights of Meadowgrain
  • Order of the Golden Cricket


  • Order of Yawgmoth


  • Serra Paladins

Notable Knights[]


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Elf Knight Green/​White Creature — Elf Knight 2/2 Vigilance
Knight Black Creature — Knight 2/2 Flanking, protection from white, haste
White Creature — Knight 1/1 Banding
White Creature — Knight 2/2
White Creature — Knight 2/2 First strike
White Creature — Knight 2/2 Vigilance
Knight Ally White Creature — Knight Ally 2/2
Vampire Knight Black Creature — Vampire Knight 1/1 Lifelink
Zombie Knight Black Creature — Zombie Knight 2/2 Menace



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