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The Knights of the Reliquary were a knightly order from the Shard of Alara known as Bant. They were led by Rafiq of the Many.

The Knights of the Reliquary are an itinerant order that has representatives throughout Bant.[1] They spend their time searching the land for remnants of ancient times, though they do not know what exactly they are seeking, and they don't know exactly what they've found. But in their great warehouses are relics that point to an ancient civilization; a civilization that seemed to practice abhorrent, evil rites. The Knights of the Reliquary investigate any rumors of magical power as well as any newly discovered ruins.

During the Conflux, the stronghold of the Knights of the reliquary was relocated to deep within Esper territory. When they discovered this, the Knights of the Reliquary set off on a crusade to recover the tower and the relics within.

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