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Kokusho, the Evening Star.jpg
Race Spirit Dragon
Birthplace Kakuriyo, Kamigawa
Lifetime Pre-Mending - Died a few centuries after the Kami War.
Mending Era, reborn in a new form.
Champions of Kamigawa

Kokusho, the Evening Star (Japanese: こくしょう; rōmaji: Kokushō; literally: "Black Miasma"), was the great ryuu (divine dragon) of Kamigawa's swamps. She guarded Takenuma and has since reincarnated as Junji, who is male.


Kokusho survived the Kami War, but centuries afterwards, he was killed guarding the denizens of Takenuma swamp against an oni attack.[1]

Neon Dynasty[]

Along with the other ryuu, Kokusho was reborn after a fifty-year slumber in an egg beneath Boseiju. His new form was that of Junji, the Midnight Sky.[1]

When she was reincarnated as Junji, she chose to distance himself completely from the swamp, abandoning Takenuma and leaving its inhabitants to fend for themselves. He took up residence in the canals snaking through the Towashi undercity, his presence a constant, silent warning that keeps Reckoner gangs from letting their turf wars get too out of hand.[2]

In-game references[]

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