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Koll, the Forgemaster.jpg
Race Dwarf
Birthplace Axgard, Kaldheim
Lifetime Mending Era

Koll was a dwarf warrior from Kaldheim and the forger of the Sword of the Realms.


A talented dwarven smith, Koll had the finest metals in all the realms at his disposal but was never truly satisfied with the quality of his materials. He would constantly leave the safety of the city in search of new ores or rare minerals that might spark his interest. One day, while foraging, Koll was attacked by Sarulf. He almost lost his life, but the god Halvar intervened and defeated the monster. Where the monster fell, Koll spotted a shining chunk of Tyrite. Halvar tried to stop him, but Koll ran to the material and touched it—transforming his hand into Tyrite itself. After getting over his initial shock, Koll discovered that his Tyrite hand was able to handle the godly material safely. Out of gratitude, Koll swore that he would forge the Tyrite into the finest blade the realms had ever seen as a gift for Halvar. He worked nonstop for days upon end before emerging from his forge with a blade so sharp it could cut a path between realms, a blade he called the Sword of the Realms.[1]

Koll's work called the attention of the planeswalker Tibalt who, disguised as Valki, tried to persuade the dwarf to give him the Sword. After Koll refused to hand over the Sword, Tibalt killed the dwarf and took the Sword for himself.[2]


  • Koll is inspired by the Sons of Ivaldi, dwarves who in ancient Nordic mythology forged magical artifacts used by the gods (such as Thor's hammer Mjölnir).

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