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Kolo Meha was a pyromancer of tremendous power from Dominaria, with a good, if slightly destructive, sense of humor.[1] He had reached the level of sixth-circle mage (out of ten) in his native Bogardan. To advance beyond that he had to make a pilgrimage, a journey around the world to learn how to use his powers in places that were not as vibrant with red mana as Bogardan was.

History[edit | edit source]

Meha joined a Keldon warhost, who saw the Bogardan native as something they aspire to be, and followed them on their campaigns across the globe. But, when the warhost met the Kentsu, the Keldons sold Meha to Marhault Elsdragon to avoid a battle. The Bogardan decided to just join the Kentsu as their demolition expert from now on, as that would be a good way to complete his pilgrimage as well.

When the Kentsu was sent to fight the Edemi Islands Meha was under the command of Jorgan Hage. Meha created a chasm to defend the Kentsu form attacking Kushoans, but was nearly killed for his action by Hage who had wanted the battle. When Hage later killed general Elsdragon and took his place, Meha left the Kentsu, for he couldn't work under Hage. He then followed Tetsuo Umezawa, whom he had met during his time in the Kentsu. Tetsuo was planning to attack emperor Nicol Bolas himself, and Meha thought that helping him would be the perfect way to fulfill his pilgrimage.

The two of them laid low for a while, during which Tetsuo trained him in the Tsunami-nito school, and Meha befriended the cat-dragon Wasitora (He knew exactly where he had to scratch her neck to gain her trust). Then Tetsuo sent him to the keep of Ramses Overdark, the imperial regent's mansion. There, he defeated the efreet Zalgadib, and destroyed the keep itself, using seventh-circle magic.

His pilgrimage was completed, but Meha decided to stay with Tetsuo and help him restore order to the Empire of Madara, hoping he could gain more control over his abilites in the process.

In-game references[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Kolo Meha appeared in Emperor's Fist and Champion's Trial, and made a short cameo in Assassin's Blade.
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