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God of Kinship
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim

Kolvori is the god of kinship from Kaldheim.[1]


Kolvori is talkative and exuberant, able to speak for hours about the beauty she finds everywhere in nature. She can discourse at length about the drops of water on a spiderweb or her awe at holding a newborn kitten. She keeps the sagas of the Skoti, preserving the memory of her divine family's glorious deeds.

The youngest child of Cosima and Alrund, Kolvori cares deeply about the fate of her divine family. She yearns for them to overcome their differences and grow closer to one another, acting as a mediator when disputes arise. She knows what each one of her siblings and cousins enjoys and leaves them presents in a desperate effort to keep the peace among the gods.

Secretly, Kolvori feels like the Skoti are on the verge of falling apart. Though Egon shares a similar concern, the two gods are so different in personality and outlook that they can barely stand each other's company.[2]


  • She is based on Sif, the Norse goddess associated with kinship and marriage.
  • The Ringhart Crest is a reference to Brísingamen, the torc or necklace of the goddess Freyja.

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