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The Cosmos Serpent
Koma Cosmos Serpent.jpg
Race Serpent
Birthplace Kaldheim
Lifetime Unknown

Koma is the Cosmos Serpent of Kaldheim.[1] Koma is one of the Cosmos Monsters. Created at the birth of the world, dwelling in the void between the realms.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Cosmos Serpent is the first and oldest of the Cosmos monsters. His true size is unknown because he can divide himself into multiple smaller segments that move independently around the World Tree. All Elves on Kaldheim share a reverence for Koma, and many elves wear clothing that reflects that reverence—from hair braided to look like scales to woven designs and actual snakeskin. Tyvar Kell's serpentine tattoos are also a reference to the Cosmos Serpent, symbolizing its fangs and the ability to spring forward and strike.

History[edit | edit source]

Most of the Cosmos monsters are free to enter any realm. But when the Skoti overthrew the Einir gods, they also prohibited the Cosmos Serpent they revered from entering any of the realms. Perhaps they were afraid that Koma would enter Skemfar and free the imprisoned Einir, or maybe they feared that the immense serpent would eventually grow large enough that no realm could contain him. In any case, the elves, who continue to worship Koma, believe that his banishment harms the World Tree. Restless outside the realms, Koma's agitation is destabilizing the tree, causing a dangerous increase in Doomskars. The elves believe that unless the Cosmos Serpent is free to roam the realms, the World Tree will surely die, and all the realms with it.[2]

In ancient times, they say, the Serpent roamed freely and drank deeply from the ancient arcane energy of Skemfar. He left a vast network of tunnels (The Serpent Tunnels) in his wake, and both wood and shadow elves consider these passageways to be sacred spaces. The elves tend the tunnels faithfully, believing that the Cosmos Serpent will one day use them to return to Skemfar.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Inspired by Jörmungandr the Midgard (World) Serpent.
  • The Koma association with the World Tree may have inspiration in Níðhöggr, a dragon/serpent that gnaws at the root of Yggdrasil.

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References[edit | edit source]

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