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Race Human
Birthplace Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4145, -4195 AR
Rath and Storm

Sidar Kondo was head of a Jamuraan warclan during the Mirage War.


During the war, he was given charge of Gerrard Capashen and his guardian, the silver golem Karn. Kondo raised Gerrard as his son, placing him alongside his true son Vuel in the hierarchy of the clan. During Vuel's right of ascension, Vuel was crippled when Starke il-Vec poisoned the ceremonial warpaint used on Vuel for the ritual. As a result, Vuel failed his trial; he was saved at the last moment by Gerrard. Exiled from the clan, Vuel wandered the plains of Jamuraa while Kondo continued to rule as a disgraced father. Eventually, Vuel stole parts of Gerrard's Legacy, amassing an army of mercenaries to attack the Kondo clan in revenge for Vuel's disgrace. In this attack, Kondo was slain by his own son.


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