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Kor is a creature type describing a human-like race with blue, grey or white skin. Male Kor have small barbels hanging from their chins.[1][2] Although the Kor for the first time appeared in the Tempest block, the Kor subtype wasn't introduced until Time Spiral. Tempest block Kor were later given the Kor creature type during the Grand Creature Type Update.

The Kor originate from Zendikar,[3] though this contradicts earlier canon, which claim a Metathran origin (see below).

Kor mature at the same rate as humans and live about as long.[4]



The Kor of Zendikar live a sparse and nomadic existence. They travel mercilessly light, carrying with them only the essentials,[5] valuing the portability of individual skill and strength of character over more "static" virtues. Despite their constant motion, the Kor revere locations in a deep sense. They travel in small bands along one of several pilgrimage routes, visiting dozens of sacred sites across Zendikar. Each pilgrimage circuit takes decades, and many are lost to Zendikar's dangers along the way.

The Kor are masters of ropes and hooks, using them to travel and to hunt,[6][7] and incorporating them into their spirituality. They rarely use unreliable devices such as crossbows to propel their grappling hooks onto cliff faces or into flying game, relying instead on simple, sturdy rope and the skill of the arm. A hooked line is also a social and sacred symbol for the Kor, representing their connection to each other and to the world around them.[8] Some Kor use tamed Windrider Eels to travel.[9]

Today on Zendikar still exists a tradition of Kor stoneforgers—powerful mages who forge weapons from stone—who are represented by Stoneforge Mystic.[10][11]

In ancient times the kor of Zendikar formed an evil tyrannical empire, ruled by flying citadels known as Skyclaves. One by one they fell to rebellions, civil wars, and eventually the Eldrazi. In recent times they have been reactivated.[12]


The Kor were drawn into Rath by Volrath like other peoples, such as the Vec, the Dal, and the Skyshroud elves. Like their predecessors, the en-Kor are a nomadic and deeply spiritual people. They dwell on open plains and their religion is centered on the sky. In combat, the en-Kor emphasize damage prevention (their trademark ability to redirect damage they take to other creatures was designed as a "fixed" version of banding.) En-Kor twins were almost always trained as lancers. The center of their culture was the Kor Haven, a city built into living rock.

The il-Kor were servants of Volrath along with other inhabitants of the Stronghold. They gave up their nomadic lifestyle to settle in the City of Traitors, but remained hunters, often becoming thieves.


With the Rathi Overlay the Kor were brought to Dominaria. While the en-Kor suffered no ill effects and adapted to life on Dominaria, the il-Kor were trapped in the shadow world between the planes. 300 years later, the il-Kor shifted from thieves to spies, using their intangible state to their advantage to steal secrets.

In an alternate timeline, Rath's Evincar, Mirri the Cursed, subjugated the en-Kor as her personal slave race.


It is unknown how the Kor of Arcavios came to be on that plane. Those who are affiliated with Strixhaven join Lorehold and Silverquill and some are even professors.

Notable Kor[]

  • Akiri - A kor explorer on Zendikar and travel companion of Nahiri
  • Ardenn
  • Ayli - leader of the Eternal Pilgrims
  • Munda - A Zendikari Kor that is a squad leader in the allied forces under Gideon Jura. Called "The Spider".
  • Nahiri - A lithomancer Planeswalker. Along with Sorin and Ugin, she was responsible for originally sealing away the Eldrazi on Zendikar
  • Orah, Skyclave Hierophant
  • Smara - a Zendikari Kor who was a "witch vessel" for a spirit trapped in a crystal she was carrying. A travel companion of Nissa Revane.


  • Originally, the Rathi Tribes, the Kor included, are stated to have an ultimately Dominarian origin, having evolved from Metathran.[13] This contradicts more recent claims for a Zendikari origin for Rath's Kor.
  • The Rathi Kor were depicted with slightly elongated skulls.
  • In Zendikar, it is noted by vampire scholar Anowon that Kor women keep containers of their breast milk at their hip to churn into cheese to take advantage of their vigorous and mobile lifestyle. (Source: Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum )


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Kor Ally White Creature — Kor Ally 1/1
Kor Soldier White Creature — Kor Soldier 1/1
Kor Warrior White Creature — Kor Warrior 1/1


The river Kor and the ancient Terisiaran city-state of Korlis have no relation to the people named Kor.


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