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Race Ogre
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime Mending Era

Kosei is a ogre samurai from Kamigawa.


Although many ogre societies are not inherently violent, Kosei came from a village that worshipped Hidetsugu, the legendary ogre who swallowed an oni and gained demon powers for himself. His countrymen saw pillaging as a way of paying tribute to their idol, but the more destruction Kosei wrought, the more unhappy he became. Terror for terror's sake felt so pointless. His perspective changed when his clan attacked another ogre village, one which followed kami teachings and lived in balance with nature. Seeing that inner peace could be possible, Kosei returned to the village after the raid and offered to atone through hard labor: he farmed the land, repaired the broken buildings, and finally found forgiveness and belonging. The village welcomed him as one of their own, and he now only picks up arms again to defend those he loves.[1]

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