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Race Human
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime Mending Era

Kotose is a human ninja from Kamigawa.


Kotose grew up poor on the streets of the Towashi Undercity and joined the Mukotai Reckoners just to survive. She eked out a meager living by scavenging technology that others had thrown away. But the years of creeping through junkyards taught her to move silently, and years of repair work taught her to fix and replicate the items she found. As her skills grew, so did her bravery. She decided to target a top-secret Futurist workshop, but she was caught by the head researcher. Rather than throwing her in jail, he was so impressed by her ability to evade their security that he offered her more work: steal and replicate intellectual property from rival labs. Kotose took his offer and began gathering a list of other clients who required similar services. And she has never been caught again.[1]

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