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Race Goblin
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era

Krenko is a guildless goblin warrior who lives on the plane of Ravnica. He makes a living doing job requests as a mercenary for businessmen, usually undercover, hidden, and questionably legal operations. Most of the proceeds he earns goes back into his group, showing a surprising compassion for the plight of his fellow goblin — so long as he gets first cut, of course. Though Krenko shows a great deal of savvy for planning, at his heart he is a goblin of action.


Working for Mr. Taz[]

Amongst his many clientelle, Krenko has developed something of a patron who continually offers him jobs with very high rewards. Mr. Taz has paid the goblin well for his various endeavors and is always quick to offer him more work. Some of these jobs include the explosive destruction of an Azorius statue and the use of flaming saprolings. Despite the obvious danger, Krenko likes working for Mr. Taz and what he calls his "delicious jobs". He also appreciates, as a young goblin starting in this business, having a well-connected "patron" like him.

Later, he accepted a job that involved an incursion in the Boros Legion's guildhall to retrieve a requested item for Mr. Taz. Upon accepting the job, Mr. Taz gave Krenko a tool especially made for that job. Light escaped through the seams of the velvet bag and when Krenko looked inside the bag he found a glowing shiv.

With Taz's enchanted shiv tucked in his boot, Krenko began his surveillance of Sunhome. After several days of, Krenko understood that Sunhome was teetering on the edge of violence, and that all it needed was just a little push. He provided that push and used the ensuing chaos to cover his actions as he made his way to the top floor and entered the chambers of the contested guildmaster Vinrenn.

Krenko found himself in an empty room under an open skylight. Harsh sunlight shone down on a glassy detention sphere, which hovered above the blood-red fist emblazoned on the tile floor. A white-winged angel hung in magical stasis inside the cell. He broke the sphere, sending the angel tumbling unceremoniously to the floor. When he heard footsteps approaching in the corridor, Krenko quickly plucked two feathers from the angel's wings just as she began to stir and he called for help, saying the angel tried to escape. Suddenly the guards entered the room and subdued her while Krenko escaped. Aurelia was summoned shortly there after, but by that time Krenko had long since fled.

At sunset, Krenko met Mr. Taz in an aerial platform. As a reward for a job well done, Mr. Taz offered the goblin yet another job, explaining that there was an Orzhov safebox that held his payment, and so long as he was in the bank, he should pick up another item for Taz. The goblin accepted the job, but the pair discovered getting in would be a much more daunting prospect than they had intended. At just that moment though, an Izzet experiment unintentionally opened a portal nearby. Once the frustrated Izzet mage stomped back to wherever he had come from, the pair eagerly anticipated using the stroke of good luck however they saw fit.

In and out of prison[]

When a goblin gang war erupted on the streets, Krenko personally killed Dargig, the youngest of the Shattergang Brothers. When he was arrested by Gideon Jura, he managed to injure the planeswalker.[1]

Inciting a riot in Sawtooth Prison secured Krenko a tranfer to Uzdec, a maximum security facility administered by the Azorius Senate. During the transfer, agents of a former associate created a distraction, and he was able to slip away to rendezvous with his gang.[2] He now plots his next move as he reestablishes power over his criminal enterprise.

War of the Spark[]

During Nicol Bolas's invasion in Ravnica, Krenko and the other goblins are stealing treasures during the massive war. At that time, Krenko steals at the moment after the people of Ravnica flee but before anyone from Nicol Bolas's army arrive at the locations.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Krenko, Mob Boss Jenna Helland 2012-07-18 Magic 2013 Ravnica Krenko, Lazav, Feather
Epic Experiment Jenna Helland 2012-09-12 Return to Ravnica Ravnica Izzet League, Krenko
The Azorius Ten Most Wanted Jenna Helland 2012-10-31 Return to Ravnica Ravnica Azorius Senate
Limits Ari Levitch 2015-07-15 Prologue to Battle for Zendikar Zendikar, Ravnica Gideon Jura, Shattergang Brothers, Krenko, Dars Gostok

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