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Race Human
Birthplace Jund
Lifetime Unknown
Conflux Minisite, Alara Unbroken

Kresh the Bloodbraided was the mightiest human warrior from Jund, Alara. He wore a sword called Mage Slayer, and commanded respect and honor and caused bloodshed wherever he went. Jund warriors wear braids in their hair which are tied with skin or tendons from fallen foes from tribal raids or life hunts, marking the ferocity and prowess of those who have them. Most great warriors on Jund have 2-5 braids, and reach an age between 20 and 25 years. Kresh had 22 braids and reached an age of at least 30 years.

Kresh and his clan of warriors, the Tol Antaga, were being misguided and controlled by Nicol Bolas' agent Rakka Mar.[1] She used their shamanistic culture to control them power up the stone that focused the mana on Jund to lead up to the Conflux. After Sarkhan Vol and Rakka left Kresh and his clan to die after a fight with dragons, Ajani Goldmane showed up and convinced Kresh to fight back. Eventually when the shards came together, Kresh led the faction from Jund that fought Bolas' forces.

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