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Visions of Krosa. Art by John Avon, Rob Alexander, Tony Szczudlo, and D. Alexander Gregory.

Krosa is a forest region on the continent Otaria on Dominaria.[1] It is located between Tamingazin and Pardia.[2] Krosa is the primary location for the Odyssey and Onslaught blocks.


Krosa is home to various species of large animals, as well as to centaur, nantuko and human druids. Krosa is unusual for a Dominarian forest, as it does not seem to feature any elves, which only live in the southern forests of the continent. Notable natives of Krosa included Seton, Stonebrow and Thriss; Kamahl eventually took residence in it too.

Krosa was a frequent target of Cabal poachers, who would capture fierce animals from the forest and bring them back to the pits to fight as entertainment for the crowds. During the storyline, its foundations were corrupted by the Cabal Patriarch.

Later on, the barbarian turned druid, Kamahl, resided there, and it was he who planted the Mirari there thinking that without a wielder the artifact would be harmless. However its power was soaked into the entire continent and mutated the inhabitants, especially those within the forest, transforming many of the beasts into enormous monsters. This caused the animals of the forest to go mad, wildly attacking anyone that entered the forest and even leaving the forest to attack surrounding farmsteads and villages.

Following Karona's apocalypse and the subsequent weakening of mana throughout Dominaria, Krosa's trees decayed, leaving the forest a shadow of its former grandeur. The druids remained, however, dedicating themselves to the memory of Kamahl and restoring the forest's greatness. These druids included Zyd and Baru.

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