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Krov, besieged by plague. Art by Liz Danforth.
Plane Dominaria
Part of Kjeldor
Status Unknown
Formerly part of Korlis

Krov was the capital city of the kingdom of Kjeldor on Terisiare in Dominaria near the last five hundred years of the Ice Age.

Once a center of learning famed for its elementalist wizards, it was ravaged by plagues after the World Spell triggered the Thaw, creating a warmer climate in which disease proliferated. Vampires and zombies infested the city, ruled by the powerful Garza Zol, Plague Queen. This forced the royal family to return to the city of Kjeld and quarantine the plague victims inside the walls. Krov's vampires and elementalists joined forces with the Cult of Rimewind, who used Krov's libraries to locate Phyrexian war machines, but when the cult's leader Heidar turned on them, Zol ordered his assassination.

What came of Krov afterwards is unknown.

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