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Race Human
Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime sometime after the Phyrexian Invasion
Dragons: Worlds Afire

Kula was an anchorite (a form of religious hermit and druid) from Dominaria. She was six and a half feet tall, with a broad skull and nut-brown skin, and dressed like a jungle dweller, in leather skins, carrying bone fetishes. Kula was very good at spotting lies.

Fighting the dragon[]

One day she was approached by the pixie Vaan, who wanted her to help kill the dragon that had enslaved Vaan and his people. Kula could sense that Vaan had been placed under a geas as not to reveal too much information about the dragon, but she could sense that there was a core of truth in his words. Hating the way the dragon disrupted the natural cycle in the area, she agreed to join his party of dragonslayers.

Two members of the party, Donner Rus and Tania Cayce, betrayed the group and went after the dragon themselves to gather rare items such as dragon scales. This cost Donner his life, but Tania was brought back by Vaan and revealed that the dragon was really a mechanical Mak Fawa, which made Kula even more resolved to destroy it.

During the confrontation between the group and the dragon Kula fought hard, but ultimately it was Tania who apparently killed the beast with the Hand of Righteous Retribution, a powerful magical sword. After the ordeal, Kula offered to train Tania in the ways of the druids, but Tania decided to decline. Still, Kula promised that in the future Tania would just have to whisper to a tree, and Kula would come to her aid.