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Plane New Phyrexia

Kuldotha, the Great Furnace, is a massive furnace-city once used by the goblins of Mirrodin for the creation of utilities and the practice of their religion. Molten metal is produced in the fires of Kuldotha. It was believed by the goblins that by sacrificing all metals and the bodies of the dead into the furnace, the objects and souls would be returned to the Steel Mother, also keeping the Furnace running for her.

Since the Phyrexianization, Kuldotha has become the main gateway into Mirrodin's Core, guarded by Urabrask. Through a rich diet of mycosynth, the structure has developed into a quasi-alive entity. It already had a sort of digestive system, and as time passes it seems to have moods and tempers as well. Too many impurities sicken it, and a steady supply of rich, pure ore and metal keep it quiet. How this quasi-alive state will evolve is anyone's guess.[1]

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