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Race Human
Birthplace Theros
Lifetime Mending Era
Commander 2016

Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix is a legendary human wizard from Theros.


The Chosen of Kruphix is a beautiful woman with long, black hair and two other arms, diaphanous and half-real, which are the mark of Kruphix, Theros's enigmatic god of horizons and mysteries. Kydele serves as the primary oracle to Kruphix in his temple in Meletis. For her, there is no greater virtue than seeking and facing the truth.[1]

However, when she was in danger, she was spirited away by Kruphix himself. From her seat among the branches of Kruphix's temple on the edge of the world, Kydele has seen truths that would unravel the minds of lesser mortals. After witnessing the ascension and fall of Xenagos, and the betrayal of Heliod against his champion, Elspeth, Kydele started to wonder about Nyx and the true nature of the gods. Kruphix personally revealed to Kydele that the gods did not create the mortals of Theros, but that the gods were products of mortal belief and faith, reversing the commonly held doctrine and belief of mortals across the plane.

Seeing that her god was still troubled, she desired to know what he had learned from the visitors of the plane. He told her that Theros is only one among many worlds where the Theros' gods hold no sway, and there are powerful beings that can travel among them at will. He also told Kydele that there are menaces so great that even the gods couldn't be able to defeat them, like the Eldrazi, Nicol Bolas and New Phyrexia.[2]

Kydele returned to Meletis and decided to keep this new knowledge for herself, a sight she can never unsee.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Kruphix's Insight Kelly Digges 2014-06-11 Journey into Nyx Theros Kruphix, Kydele

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