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Race Human
Birthplace New Capenna, New Capenna
Lifetime Present
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Lagrella, the Magpie is a human soldier of the Brokers family in New Capenna.


A human Brokers lieutenant, she wears heavy rings on her fingers. She keeps a fishtank which she decorates with the bodies of contract breakers who she has dipped in silver or gold.[1]


Lagrella is one of the Brokers's most feared and respected enforcers. A contract mage in Falco's personal orbit, Lagrella is allowed to take some license with the agreements she oversees: "a little off the top" of every transaction is the expected fee all Brokers take for their work, so Lagrella takes what is due someone of her station.

Lagrella's fearsome reputation — and nickname — comes from rumors of what she does with her money. She has a collection of exotic fish that she keeps in her penthouse in a massive tank. In that tank, there is a garden of gold and silver statues: life-sized figures that capture in harrowing detail the faces of people who once broke her contracts. Praised even by the Maestros for the quality of these sculptures, only Lagrella knows the truth: those statues are those contract breakers, dipped in molten metal and dropped into her fish tank to rest, forever.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
What You Expect to See Kaitlyn Zivanovich 2022-03-29 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna Kamiz, Queza, Tivit, Raffine, Oskar, Denry Klin, Lagrella

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