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Land Type
(Subtype for land cards)
7 cards
{M} 85.7% {land symbol} 14.3%
as of Modern Horizons 3
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For other uses, see Lair (disambiguation).

Lair is a nonbasic land type used for cards that depict a secluded resting place for wild creatures. The type was created in Planeshift for the base of operations for the legendary Invasion dragons. The type was only used on six official cards.

List of Lairs[ | ]

Each of these uncommon triple lands from Planeshift must be sacrificed when it comes into play unless you return a non-Lair land to your hand and can be tapped for one mana of any of three colors, corresponding to one of the Primeval Dragons:

MH3 Commander added another Lair with Planar Nexus, which is every non-basic land type.

Other notable lairs in the storyline[ | ]

Cards named Lair, but without the subtype[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]