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Plane Innistrad
Part of Kessig

Lambholt, a.k.a. The Threatened Pasture, is a farming village of the Kessig province of Innistrad.[1]


Lambholt lies at the center of miles of sheep, goat, and cattle pastures. The pastures near the town were once mingled with woods that once joined the Ulvenwald, but the Kessigers here chopped down all but a few trees to clear room for their farms. It's thought that wild essences resent the destruction of their forests, for werewolves continually terrorize the livestock and humans of Lambholt.

The villagers of Lambholt celebrate a harvest festival at the rise of the red moon, working late into the night by the light of bonfires, and cooking great feasts of fresh meat and vegetables.


After the disappearance of Avacyn, as the power of Lambholt's protective shrines waned and werewolf attacks became more frequent, the tenor of the harvest festival changed. The highlight of the festival became a great hunter's contest, in which warriors and priestly champions went hunts through the surrounding Ulvenwald, trying to slay the most powerful supernatural creature. Many never returned.

For a while, the village was plagued by the appearance of the horror Old Stickfingers.[2] This was ended by the astronomer mage Vadrik and the inquisitor Rem Karolus.

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