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For display stands for lands, see Land caddy

The Land Station is a set of 400 assorted basic lands (approx. 80 of each) that are packaged in a reusable storage box, and officially sold by Wizards of the Coast.[1] Versions were sold with Magic 2011, Magic 2014, Magic Origins, Amonkhet and Core Set 2020. Price: $19.60 (Applies to U.S. and Canada only).

Land Stations are generally sold to stores for use with events like Draft or Sealed. The M11 version was also sold in combination with an UltraPro land caddy.[2]

Blurb[edit | edit source]

Basic land is essential for running Sealed Deck and Booster Draft events. An abundance of basic land is needed for large events like Prereleases for players to use when building their decks.

Every store that's new to the WPN should have at least a few Land Stations. Veteran organizers will also find them invaluable for keeping players happy and running successful limited events.

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