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Land creatures are both lands and creatures.

History[ | ]

Land creatures are played according to the timing rules for lands, rather than cast, and suffer from summoning sickness and have power and toughness like creatures.

In the type line[ | ]

Only one card, Dryad Arbor from Future Sight, has been printed with this type combination.[1] Dryad Arbor derives the activated ability{T}: Add {G}” from its Forest land type, and the characteristic-defining ability shown on its original printing has since been removed and replaced by a color indicator via errata. Because the Oracle reference contains no rules text, it is now a vanilla creature. The Mystery Booster test card Jasconian Isle later poked fun at the confusing concept.

Mark Rosewater considers the layout used for its From the Vault: Realms printing - with the mana symbol textbox like other basic lands - a mistake.[2] Due to the rules complexity of objects that are both a creature and land in all zones, he doesn't expect new land creatures soon.[3][4][1]

The release of The Brothers' War and The Brothers' War commander decks saw the introduction of the Forest Dryad token. This token functions in the same manner as the earlier Dryad Arbor; it derives its activated ability “{T}: Add {G}” from its Forest land type and enters the battlefield with summoning sickness. It was used in MH3 Commander.

Manlands[ | ]

Main article: Manland

In addition to Dryad Arbor and the Forest Dryad token, many lands can become creatures via an activated ability, most often until end of turn. Those lands are commonly referred to as manlands.

Others[ | ]

The following other cards can turn lands into creatures. The created creatures are often elementals. This a primary green mechanic, but may appear in all other colors. It is also a feature of the Awaken mechanic.


Tokens[ | ]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Forest Dryad Green Land Creature — Forest Dryad 1/1 (This creature is affected by summoning sickness, and it has "{T}: Add {G}.")

References[ | ]

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