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Category for Landwalk

Landwalk is a keyword ability.


It is a static ability that means the affected creature cannot be blocked as long as the defending player controls a land of the specified type. Landwalk abilities are written "{type}walk" where the type is a something about the land (e.g. a creature with plainswalk cares about cards with the land type Plains). Mountainwalk is where you cannot be blocked if the defending player has a mountain.


Ant is attacking with a Merfolk Spy and Norin wishes to block it. If Norin controls a land with the type Island then he will be unable to block the Merfolk Spy, as it has islandwalk. However, if he didn't control the island, he would be able to block as normal.

Comprehensive Rules

702.14. Landwalk

  • 702.14a. Landwalk is a generic term that appears within an object's rules text as "[type]walk," where [type] is usually a subtype, but can be the card type land, any land type, any supertype, or any combination thereof.
  • 702.14b. Landwalk is an evasion ability.
  • 702.14c. A creature with landwalk can't be blocked as long as the defending player controls at least one land with the specified subtype (as in "islandwalk"), with the specified supertype (as in "legendary landwalk"), without the specified supertype (as in "nonbasic landwalk"), or with both the specified supertype and the specified subtype (as in "snow swampwalk").
  • 702.14d. Landwalk abilities don't "cancel" one another.
  • 702.14e. Multiple instances of the same kind of landwalk on the same creature are redundant.
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