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Lannery Storm
Lannery Storm.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Ixalan
Lifetime Mending Era

Captain Lannery Storm is a pirate commander of the Storm Fleet of the Brazen Coalition on Ixalan.[1]


Captain Lannery "Slippery" Storm is a daring swashbuckler who finds more delight in sailing, exploration, and the freedom of the sea than in piracy proper, and she discourages senseless violence. Of course, she still engages in piracy as a means of subsistence, and she's more talented at plundering than many who pride themselves on their work. But her real skill lies in her ability to evade capture. She's as slippery as an eel (hence her nickname), finding her way out of the stickiest situations. On the rare occasions where she has been captured or fallen into a booby trap, she managed to slither right out, leaving vacant cells, unlocked doors, broken nets, and empty treasure chests in her wake. To her, it's all for the amusement of it, the exhilaration of being out in the open sea, and the thrilling rush of finding new places to explore. Some say that her spirit is such that it cannot be contained; they claim that is the source of her magic, and that as long as she retains her swashbuckling spirit, no one will ever be able to hold her.[2]

The captains who follow Captain Storm in the Storm Fleet are considered some of the luckiest at sea; there's never a dull moment when Captain Storm is around. Her ships have the most talented entertainment and the heartiest shanties. They might have the most treasure too, but who's counting? Captain Bennell Dardan of the Blood Anchor, Capitain Fole Demeer of the Standing Rock, and Captain Oljin Raye of the Sunset Wave are among the most famous other captains of the fleet.[2]

Pirates of Storm Fleet crews tend to decorate their ships, and accessorize their own outfits, with pieces taken from decommissioned vessels: pieces of balustrade, anchors, wheels, ornamental flourishes, and so on.

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