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Race Elf, God (later)
Birthplace Skemfar, Kaldheim
Lifetime Birth unknown, imprisoned by Skoti

Lathril was the elf queen who became an Einir of Kaldheim.


Lathril hails from ancient times, before the elven race was split in two, and represented the apex of elven glory. She was a natural leader and master tactician whose prowess kept the elves in a place of power for eons. Unafraid to wade into the battle personally, she often fought at the head of her forces, dealing death in all directions and rallying her troops to turn even crushing defeat into defiant victory.

Lathril's Chant, a favorite tale among the elves, tells of Lathril's birth, deeds, and later ascent to godhood after her battle with a mysterious Cosmos monster called Eidermaw. Some elves believe that her consciousness lingers in one of the Jaspera trees and pray to her faithfully in anticipation of the return of the Einir, who could unite the wood elves and shadow elves once again.[1]

Lathril saved one of Sarulf's children, the little wolf Kit, who had been kidnapped. Lukya, a copper wolf, daughter of Sarulf, was sent by Sarulf to Lathril and was the one who guided the elf through an Omenpath to the realm where her brother Kit was. To say thanks, Sarulf blessed Lathril and her people by allowing them to roam their territory and communicate with their beasts. Lukya also decided to accompany Lathril after saving her brother Kit. [2]


Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Saga of Lathril Elsa Sjunneson 2021-02-05 Kaldheim Kaldheim Lathril, Lukya, Kit, Sarulf

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