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Race Human
Birthplace Keld, Aerona, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4175-4205 AR

Latulla was the warlord in charge of the Keldon Invasion of Jamuraa on Dominaria.[1]


She was a talented warrior, as befitting her culture, and was also skilled at artifice and spellshaping. Her demeanour was cold and imperious, although she occasionally showed a degree of kindness to those that served her effectively. Generally she considered herself superior to her fellow Keldons, regardless of their status.


Rise to fame[]

Latulla rose to prominence in Keldon society at an early age, reportedly expelling the master of her house and taking over his faction when she was barely out of the cradle house. As Keldon women play a prominent role in running their society, Latulla became politically influential inside the nation. She was placed in command of the invasion of Jamuraa, where her knowledge of artifacts meant that she could convert the Kipamu League's captured war machines to Keld's cause. During this time she took the captive Kipamu officer Haddad as her personal slave.


Following an initially successful war effort, Latulla returned to Keld with the spoils of war to try to convince the other warlords to extend the campaign by forcing the Witch Kings to awaken and therefore make the Prophesied Keldon Twilight take place. She marched her supporters to the Keldon Necropolis, where she was confronted by Gorsha, a servant of the Warlords' Council, who refused her entry. Latulla demanded to be seen and so the two fought in ritual combat, with Latulla being defeated. As a result, the Witch Kings were not revived and Latulla and her supporters were exiled from Keld to fight and die in foreign lands.


Latulla and her host were sent back to Jamuraa to rejoin the flagging campaign there. She attempted a counterattack against the advancing Kipamu League forces, but was outmanoeuvred by them and was defeated. Latulla herself died during the battle after being pinned beneath an overturned Keldon war-barge. Mistaking Barrin for a slave, she demanded that he free her. Barrin, enraged by Rayne's death, instead decapitated her.

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