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Plane Ikoria
Part of Raugrin

Lavabrink is a sanctuary city tucked under a huge volcanic shelf in the Ongra Range in Raugrin on Ikoria.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Rivulets of lava pour over the volcanic shelf into carefully maintained canals and floodways, running out to Kauld, the lava lake. Lavabrink's dwellings and marketplaces are built on bridges and walkways over these canals of lava.

Lavabrink's survival strategy is inaccessibility. By building under a volcanic shelf, Lavabrink has created a powerful defense mechanism that offers a compelling incentive for hungry monsters to find another less-deadly meal elsewhere. Mages called stonesingers can call out to the huge igneous dams on the slopes above the town, turning the flow of lava as they desire. In dire circumstances, Lavabrink can create an almost continuous curtain of lava in front of the entire city, blocking entry to all but the most persistent of monsters.

The residents of Lavabrink are a hardy lot, choosing to live in an incredibly dangerous situation in order to ward off even more dangerous monsters. Lavabrink citizens have excellent access to volcanic heat and are renowned for their blacksmithing, metalworking, toolmaking, and sculpting. The best weapons and gear of Ikoria are all made in Lavabrink.

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References[edit | edit source]

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