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The Ledev Guardians ("Knights of the Road") are an order of Knights, who were sworn to defend routes of commerce and travel on the plane of Ravnica.[1]


Ledev guardians are skilled in fighting with both bows and swords on foot and while mounted on large intelligent wolves the size of bears. They share a deep bond with their wolves that is often mistaken for telepathy. Ledev are also capable of performing a limited "lay on hands" style of healing magic. The Ledev Guardians count at least Elves, Humans and Centaurs among their ranks but possibly also include members of other races.


The Order is descended from an ancient order of warrior monks (Paladins) of Ravnica from before the signing of the Guildpact who would wander the roads righting wrongs and solving injustices for no reason other than their belief in right and wrong.[2]

Though the Ledev Guardians were originally an independent organisation, they were eventually brought into the Selesnya Conclave and have been converted to the Selesnyan worship of life. It is noted that the Ledev in recent times have been spending more and more of their time guarding Selesnyan officials, interests and territory and less time patrolling the roads of Ravnica for the good of all, a trend that left many Ledev Guardians concerned for the future of their order.[3]

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