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Keyword Ability
Type Static
Introduced Mystery Booster
Last Used Mystery Booster
Reminder Text Legacy — [pen marking ability]
2 cards
{G} 50% {land symbol} 50%
Scryfall Search

The Legacy keyword ability is a nod to Legacy-style board games. It is a static ability that allows you to permanently change the rules connected to a card by permanently marking it with a pen.[1]

The mechanic appeared on two test cards in the Mystery Booster set.


Example 1

Inspirational Antelope {1}{G}
Creature — Antelope
Legacy — Before the game starts, choose a keyword or ability word and write it below.
Spells with __________ you cast cost {1} less to cast.

Example 2

Gold Mine
{T}: Add {C}.
Legacy — {T}, Mark one of Gold Mine’s unmarked nodes: Add one mana of any color.


  • Once you've marked a card, you can't change it, even between games. It remains part of that physical card
  • If an object becomes a copy of an object with a word blank, the value in that blank is copied.
  • If an object without nodes becomes a copy of an object with nodes, the copy has no nodes. A cost to mark one of its nodes can't be paid.


The plot booster is another concept derived from Legacy-style board games.


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