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Goblins may appear to be a straight aggressive deck, but it is definitely not. While the deck tends to suffer from goldfishing around turn four, it has combo elements in the form of Goblin Ringleader and Goblin Matron which enable it to quickly bounce back from board sweeping effects that would normally put aggressive decks in their place. The deck also has significant mana denial ability between Wasteland and Rishadan Port, keeping opponents off balance.

Good defenses against Goblins include Tivadar's Crusade, Engineered Plague, Wrath of God, Pernicious Deed, Umezawa's Jitte, Pyroclasm, and Propaganda, but there is no single defensive play that will cause this deck to scoop. As with all good Legacy decks, a variety of actions are necessary to defeat Goblins. Unless it can manage to kill the Goblin player by turn three or four in the face of mana disruption, a deck must be able to reliably do all of the following to hope to compete with this deck:

  1. Prevent Goblin Lackey from dealing damage to you with only one turn and one mana.
  2. Keep swarms of creatures from entering play, or kill them off at better than 1-for-1 card advantage.
  3. Have a reasonable clock to kill this deck with because it will always come back.

Below is a generic build of a Legacy Goblins deck.

Cards commonly used in variants[edit | edit source]

Green splash[edit | edit source]

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