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Legacy Meathooks or Legacy CounterSliver was a deck archetype poular in 1999–2000.

In 1999, Chris Senhouse and his team shook up the Extended format by garnering several top 8 PTQ berths with their “House of Slivers” creation, which was basically a port of the well-known (if not hugely successful) Type 2 CounterSliver deck. Employing the ever-potent trio of Crystalline, Muscle, and Winged Slivers as his primary win conditions, Senhouse filled out the rest of the deck with counterspells, card-drawers, and utility cards. The deck was well-equipped to handle the powerhouse Extended decks of the time, with Crystalline/Worship lock to frustrate Sligh, countermagic to thwart High Tide combo, and countermagic + disenchants to combat Necropotence decks.[1]

Legacy Meathooks

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