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Painter is a Legacy based around combining the namesake Painter's Servant with Grindstone. Painter Servant turns all cards in the opponent's library into the same color, Grindstone will mill the entire library if activated, thus ending the game when the opponent has to draw a card and is not capable to do so.

The deck varies between aggro-control and control. The control variant plays other staples for control decks in Legacy such as Force of Will and Counterbalance with Sensei's Divining Top or may just try to lock the opponent's sources of damage away with such cards as Story Circle (especially effective with Painter Servant in play) and therefore varies strongly in its colors. It is also capable of tutoring for all parts of the combo and other cards in the deck with Enlightened Tutor as well as a sideboard with silver bullets.

The Aggro-Control variant plays a number of small creatures like Figure of Destiny and Magus of the Moon which can, like the Painter's Servant, be fetched with Imperial Recruiter. The deck also uses a number of copies of Red Elemental Blast and its functional reprint Pyroblast which with a Painter's Servant set to blue are able to counter every spell or destroy every permanent of the opponent. Jaya Ballard, Task Mage can do similar things. This version is almost exclusively red.

Painter - Simon Sung - StarCityGames Open 5k January 2010